Asian Heritage Celebration!

Why do we bother celebrating our heritage? And why should we celebrate Asian heritage? 

The term “Asian” here encompasses all countries in the Asian continent. With Asia being the largest and most populous continent in the world, therein lie a vast number of cultures, ethnic groups and histories. Celebrating one’s culture is to celebrate oneself. No matter where you were born, your heritage always lies within you. At our university, with such a diverse student population, students are exposed to diverse cultures daily. Events like the Asian Heritage Celebration expose students to aspects of those cultures that they may not experience in the classroom.


Our center has set out to highlight the cultures of large and small student populations but this celebration is meant to benefit all students of the university. Not only do students of Asian heritage feel empowered at such events, students from other cultures can also learn and appreciate a culture different than their own. Appreciation of other cultures and heritages is also a part of being well-rounded.

Ms. Duy-Loan Le Senior Fellow, Texas Instruments

Ms. Duy-Loan Le
Senior Fellow, Texas Instruments

This year, the Multicultural Center has invited a powerful speaker, Ms. Duy-Loan Le. Not only that she is a successful Asian woman, she is also very inspirational when it comes to perseverance and overcoming hardships. I have been to a conference where I had the chance to hear her speak, and I was convinced that she would be a great speaker to bring to our campus. She motivated me to work harder than I thought I could or had, and I hope all of those who come will enjoy her presentation as much as I did.


We have also invited the Bangladeshi Student Organization and Filipino Student Association to perform at the event to showcase their respective cultures and students’ talents; as some of you may know, these two groups have received awards for their performances, and we are very excited to have them perform again at the Asian Heritage Celebration.


Attendees will get to enjoy great performances and interact with a very famous individual while having lunch catered by Masala Wok. Our service is provided at no cost to UTD students. I look forward to seeing you there!


Multicultural Center. Student Centered. Diversity Driven.


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