Meet the Staff: MPA Rocio Diaz

you know you wanna know..

Rocio Diaz

Major/ Classification: Business Administration (focus on Human Resources), Junior

Hobbies: I enjoy watching Korean dramas, anime, learning languages, and making arts and crafts

On Campus Activities: President and one of the founders of The Hallyu Wave at UTD. Hallyu UTD is an organization that focuses on spreading Korean pop culture around campus.

Why become an MPA?Rocio at juneteenth

The Multicultural Center is a hidden gem at UTD. As a freshman, I had no idea that it existed, so I truly missed out on all the benefits that it provides students with. With events that range from discussions over lunch to cultural festivals, the Multicultural Center does extraordinary things on campus that attempt to expand students’ horizons and help them learn and appreciate the cultures around them. Seeing all of the wonderful things that the MC does, I wanted to become part of the team that makes these things happen and help create the programs and events that make UTD’s diverse student body stand out.

How would people describe me?

Kind, ambitious, dedicated, hard-working, passionate, friendly



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