Meet the Staff: MPA Isabella (Bella) Yang

Isabella (Bella) Yang

Major/Classifyes2ication: Junior majoring in Healthcare Management and minoring in Accounting. I want to work in the administrative side of health care because I figured that we will always need someone to take care of our health and you need someone in charge of the management aspects of the industry. 

Hobbies: My hobbies include cooking, eating good food, feeding my friends, sleeping, going to live shows, surfing the web, looking for street art and exploring cities.

On Campus Activities: I am Vice President for Chinese Student Association,  Secretary for the Pro-Choice Feminist Alliance and a Body Project Peer Leader. I’m also pledging for AKPsi the upcoming semester. I hope to meet you if you come to my club’s meetings!

Why become an MPAbella

I decided to become an MPA because I come from a diverse background, I grew up in Mexico, and my parents are Taiwanese, so culture has always been a topic of interest to me.  Being able to work with my topic of interest fuels my passion for it. I thought that being a MPA would be very stressful with a lot of responsibilities. Fortunately, I’m having a great time working with my coworkers and learning more about UTD!

How would people describe me?

My personality resembles a cat, it takes time for me to approach people, but if I enjoy your company, I’ll warm up quickly! I love cats, even though I’m allergic to them. Love hurts. I own a handsome kitty back at home. I joke around a lot but I can be serious if needed. My planner is my life and I love organizing things. I love caffeine, so coffee and tea are my best friends.



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