Meet The Staff: MPA Melody Jackson


Melody A. Jackson
Major/Classification: Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC), Junior
Hobbies: Music (Singing, Piano, Songwriting, Rapping, Recording), Graphic Design, Online Gaming, Tweeting, Eating, Watching Netflix, Daydreaming, Exploring

On-Campus Activities: President of Black Student Alliance (BSA), Collegium V Honors Student, Member of Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honors Society

Connection to the Multicultural Center: MPAs

I was first introduced to the Multicultural Center in my Freshman year; it has been “home” ever since. Mr. Gregg, Ms. Carri, Mr. Bruce, Mr. Danny, and Ms. Monica have always treated me like family. The environment is enriching, and there’s absolutely no place that I’d rather work on this campus. I’m excited to help put on amazing cultural events this year and to become more culturally competent in the process!

How would others describe me?

I think my friends would describe me as creative, eccentric, and a listener. Initially, most people say I’m “quiet.” Trust me though, I get goofier over time as I become more comfortable around you (although I believe my friends use most commonly is “weird.”) Generally speaking though, I’m pretty chill.



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