Meet the Staff: MPA Tanya Trisna

11209572_10152956318540079_2049203743922199182_nTanya Trisna

Major/Classification: I am a junior studying in Arts & Technology with a focus in user experience design.

Hobbies: I like doing anything creative including drawing, sewing, cosplay, scrapbooking, and photography. I also enjoy playing video games and petting dogs.

On Campus Activities: I’m the President of the Japanese Student Association. I’m also a member of A3 and the User Experience Club.

11722063_10154565944146959_5095502162133214162_oWhy become an MPA?

This is my second year as an MPA, and I can truly say it is the most valuable experience I’ve ever had. Not only do I get to build my portfolio by designing and marketing for the MC, but I also get to learn about various different cultures and backgrounds. Whether it’s celebrating a traditional holiday or discussing current social issues, it’s definitely an eye-opening position that has expanded my view of the world.

How would people describe me?

People described me as self-motivated, a good listener, and having great attention to detail. I have a pretty weird sense of humor, but I like making people laugh!

BeFunky Collage


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