Meet The Staff: Student Retention Assistant Mark Nwokocha

IMG-20150614-WA0008Mark Nwokocha

Major/Classification: I am a Neuroscience Senior

Hobbies: I love to play the bass guitar, lead guitar, piano, and drums.

On Campus Activities: Former ASU Secretary and President. SOFAB member

My role in the MCme and le Bruce
As the retention assistant, I assist Monica in creating, organizing and building student success programs on campus. I get to connect with different students and student organizations as a support for them to feel at home at UT Dallas. I do that by attending general meetings and events by cultural groups on campus. Being able to lead my own task is the best part about working in the MC. I became the Student Retention Assistant because it gets me outside my comfort zone and pushes me to be a better leader.

How would people describe me?
People describe me as straight forward, always busy, and passionate about whatever I do.Picturemark


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