Meet the Staff: Office Assistant Ashik S. Ghani

Ashik S. Gh1395370_10151763637666238_233797500_nani

Major/Classification: BS in Finance and minor MIS, Junior

Hobbies: During my free times I enjoy watching and playing Soccer (football for rest of the world) matches, listening to music, trying different foods, cooking, gardening, traveling.

Leadership positions/campus involvement: Vice president and General Secretary of Bangladeshi Student Organization (BSO), an organization which highly focuses on spreading the colorful traditional cultures of Bangladesh around campus and also among the community. Member, Muslim Student Association and Real Estate Club at UT Dallas.


Connection to the Multicultural Center: I was first introduced to MC in my sophomore years by our  BSO Advisor Ashfia Salemin. The purpose of the visit was to pick up some supplies for a BSO event. I still remember, Mr. Bruce stayed after hours just to make sure I get those supplies properly. After that, I visited MC many times for different BSO events and always felt welcomed. The whole MC team has always been generous and supportive to BSO. It was one of the many reasons I decided to work for MC. Honestly speaking, this is the best place to work on campus. I am learning a lot while working at MC. The way they focus on diversity and promote different cultures is really
amazing. Being an international student and having the opportunity to know about different cultures is a true blessing.

How people would describe you: That’s really hard to guess how people think about me. But those who are close to me will describe me as a genuine, honest, hard-working, caring and a dedicated person. I am really straight forward and sometimes people find it rude. I tend to trust people quickly which is not a smart thing at all.



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