Meet the Staff: Office Assistant Melanie Burks

Melanie Burks

IMG_2647Major/Classification: Marketing and Global Business, Sophomore

Hobbies: Love reading mystery novels, dancing to music, and obsessed with watching Criminal Minds

Leadership/ Campus involvement: a part of the American Marketing Association and Comet Cupboard

Connection to the MC: My first time coming to the Multicultural Center was by accident. I had been walking around campus and I stumbled upon this place. I walked in and the people were so friendly and welcoming talking about the amazing sources that were available for the students. Ever since then, I kept coming back the MC to study for my classes. This is year its different because I applied to an office assistant to make sure that other fellow students know how incredible this Multicultural Center is.
How people would describe me? I am a very open minded person when it comes to different opinions from other people and love learning new things about different topics. On the other, when I’m around my friends I can be quite sassy and have a witty sense of humor. I love to live life to the fullest and have crazy adventures with friends.



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