Diversity Poetry Jam

Poetry, it is a form of art that allows us to express ourselves verbally, yet in a more lyrical and song-like manner to help create a larger, more profound impact on our audience. It provides a means of translating our thoughts and feelings while immortalizing them eternally through words. Poetry is a beautiful art that can strike you at the heart and mind if you know how to wield your thoughts properly. That was the goal of these poets tonight, to strike the audience at the heart and mind and create an impact.

The Multicultural Center presented their annual Diversity Poetry Jam on September 3rd, showcasing a variety of talented individuals from both near and far. Alongside the sweet, saturated smell of warm pastries and hot coffee, the entire room was captivated by the tales of the following poets:

  • Natasha Carrizosa: Multi-Cultural Poet of the year 2013
  • Joaquin Zihuatanejo: award winning American slam-poet and teacher; he placed third in the National Poetry Slam as part of the Dallas Poetry Slam Team; he has appeared on HBO’s Def Poetry in 2005
  • Aeon Robit Aille & Danielle Edmonds: 2015 Diversity Award Winners for Slam Poetry
  • Twain Dallas: a local poet from Dallas

From left to right: Twain, Natasha Carrizosa, Joaquin Zihuatanejo, and our very own Danny Cordova.

The Diversity Poetry Jam is held every year to showcase some of the best poets who present their personal tales of adversities and struggles within the realm of diversity. However, by overcoming these obstacles they inherited a new found sense of growth, maturity, and insight into their self which they depict through their poems. By hearing their respective tales you are taken back in time and instantly transported to the past of their lives, reliving the same moments and emotions they depict so fluidly and adeptly through their words. By presenting the obstacles created by their background and how they found strength in their multifactedness, these poets challenged us to think about diversity in a new light.

Poets 1

Aeon Robit Aille & Danielle Edmonds

The moral of the night: take pride in who you are, regardless of what others may think. Embrace those differences and imperfections, because the only way to bridge the gap in this world, is to exude compassion and tolerance towards all.

By Nikkita Kumar, Multicultural Peer Advocate


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