Recap: First Half of Hispanic Heritage Month

For the first half of Hispanic Heritage Month we had some interesting events. We started off the month with: the Hispanic Heritage Kickoff (September 15th | Plinth | 7:30 PM). We had performances from the Ollimpaxqui Ballet Folklorico, they performed Ballet Folklorico and traditional native dances. One of the performers dressed as an old man interacted with the audience. For food, w12006461_10153086018115079_8688233599686027772_oe had Aguas Frescas in 5 different flavors and Trolelote. My favorite flavors of Aguas Frescas are Tamarindo and Jamaica. The turnout for the event was successful and most people stayed to watch the performances. All of the organizations that we collaborated with were boothing, talking about the different events that we would have throughout the month!

The next event on the calendar was a movie screening of the film McFarland, USA (September 22nd | FN 2.102 | 8 PM). We collaborated with Meteor Theater for this event! The movie talks about a teacher who moves to a predominantly hispanic town and starts a Cross-Country team for the high school, while learning more about the community and the struggles of the students. It was an inspiring story. If you have time, you should check it out!

Our third event for the first Picture1half HHM was Dance Workshop: Bachata Night (September 23th | First floor FO | 8PM), we collaborated with SPYCD (Stop Pretending You Can’t Dance) for this wonderful event. There were quite a lot of people who came to dance! Our instructor taught the basic steps, then everyone got paired off to dance together. Fortunately there were an even amount of ladies and gentlemen! Everyone danced the night away after that!

We finished the month of September with the Diversity Lecture Series: “Soul, Salsa and Spirit” (September 25th | CN 1.112 | 11:30AM) with Juana Bordas. Juana Bordas lead an interesting lecture, as she was interactive with the crowd and in turn, had us interact with the people sitting next to us. She ended the lecture with us singing “De Colores”. She later spoke at a luncheon with students about the importance of taking pride in Hispanic history and culture.

Join us for our future events to end HHM!

Isabella Yang
Multicultural Peer Advocate


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