Share, Connect, and Learn: Diversity Dialogues

The Diversity Dialogues was truly a wonderful event. It brought so many opportunities to explore different perspectives and develop a better appreciation for our diversity on campus. The entire experience was great from start to finish. I appreciated the layout of the event as well. Instead of choosing where to sit, I was assigned an actual table. This made it possible for me to connect with new faces as opposed to flocking over towards my peers. During the dialogues, I met so many interesting people both on campus and off. I met students from different classifications and countries.

We were able to express our opinions about various topics including: politics, religion, cultural taboos, and different societal customs. This was the highlight of the evening because everyone was given the opportunity to share his or her ideas and opinions in a safe and unbiased environment. Surprisingly, everyone had a lot to share!Diversity Dialogues

I was ecstatic that my table was so open with their ideas given how diverse they were. It was truly impactful watching so many people from different ages and backgrounds being able to discuss these topics so thoroughly. Despite the sensitivity of the topics, if was invigorating to have the chance to talk about them in such a comfortable and humbling environment.

Overall, I’m glad the Multicultural Center put on this event. I highly recommend attending the Diversity Dialogues because it offers the perfect opportunity to not only discuss topics that are commonly avoided, but also connect with other people and gather a more broad perspective about the world around us.


Cornel Walton is a junior at the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Marketing. He was born in Hawthorne, California and moved to Wylie, Texas in September 2010. His favorite hobbies include skateboarding, playing games, watching Netflix, and making videos.


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