1st Semester as an MPA: Rocio Diaz

  • What did you enjoy most about being an MPA?
    • What I enjoyed the most about being an MPA is being able to host events that teach students about what is out there. The world is so big and full of so much knowledge and being able to bring just a bit of culture to students on campus through our events was more than rewarding.
  • How do you feel working as an MPA has helped you personally and professionally?
    • Working as an MPA has definitely helped me improved in both my personal and professional aspects. The MC teaches you a lot of soft skills that are needed when working with people, and through the people that you work with at the MC you are also able to learn more about yourself and improve in the areas that you are lacking.
  • What has been your most memorable experience so far in the MC?
    • My most memorable experience in the MC was the Welcome Back Block Party. This event was just a taste of what the MC is capable of doing for students but working the behind the scenes and setting up with my dear co-workers was definitely a day worth remembering.
  • Why would you recommend someone else to apply for this position?
    • Being an MPA is a great way for a person to become more experienced and for them to share with others why culture is so important. As an MPA you will be exposed to what it takes to make successful events on campus a reality and you will become much more knowledgeable and appreciative of the differences that make each culture so special.
  • What have you learned working as and MPA?
    • As an MPA, I have learning many things among which include being more assertive, improving my organization and leadership skills, as well as my public speaking skills. There is much more to this list, but that is something that one can discover if they choose to become an MPA



Rocio is a Business Administration senior, who is also the president of Hallyu UTD. She enjoys listening to kpop and country music, watching korean dramas and anime, and learning new languages. Although she is not very good at it, she also enjoys learning synchronized choreographies and making people smile. Feel free to stop by the MC and ask her any questions you may have whether it is about kpop, business classes, etc.


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