1st semester as an MPA: Melody Jackson

  • What do you enjoy most about being an MPA?
    • I enjoy the process of creating and promoting amazing cultural events for the UT Dallas community.
  • How do you feel working as an MPA has helped you personally and professionally? (What do you aspire to do in the future?)
    • I feel working as an MPA has allowed me to improve my communications skills – both with co-workers and vendors. It has also allowed me to practice my graphic arts skills and improve event planning.
    • I aspire to be a professional musician and to run my own record company. Additionally, I would like to start a visual and performing arts school for underprivileged youth and to promote issues of social justice.
  • What has been your most memorable experience so far in the MC?
    • Working on Hispanic Heritage month was a pleasure. I was able to learn more about Hispanic culture, use/practice my camera operating and video editing skills, and meet several amazing student leaders at UT Dallas.
  • Why would you recommend someone else to apply for this position?
    • If you like meeting people, want to improve your people-skills, enjoy learning about diversity, and like making a positive impact in your community, this might be the job for you!
  • What have you learned working as an MPA?
    • I’ve learned how to balance work and fun in an effective manner. It is very possible to love your job!

melody one


Melody Jackson is a junior majoring in Emerging Media and Communications and is an aspiring musician. She is originally from North Carolina and is president of the Black Students Association. 


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