1st Semester as an MPA: Nikkita Kumar

  • What do you enjoy most about being an MPA?
    • I’ve lived in the Dallas area my entire life and haven’t gotten many opportunities to travel. Working at the MC has surprisingly provided me with the global experience I have been vying for. UTD is a very diverse campus, and the Multicultural Center has given me the opportunity to interact and connect with people from all across the world: China, Taiwan, Nigeria, India. Being able to experience so much diversity while staying so close to home is truly a blessing.
  • How do you feel working as an MPA has helped you personally and professionally? (What do you aspire to do in the future?)
    • I hope to work in healthcare informatics and logistics in the near future. In order to succeed in anything in life, you need to be able to work well with others. Only then can we hope to achieve things on a larger scale. Working on events together has provided me the opportunity to work with others and in turn improve my soft skills, something I really needed to work on.
  • What has been your most memorable experience so far in the MC?
    • My most memorable experience so far would have to be Dia de los Muertos. Everybody got to dress up and wear face paint like the sugar skulls placed on the altars. Even though everybody didn’t know one another, we all were connected as we honored our deceased loved ones.
  • Why would you recommend someone else to apply for this position?
    • Regardless of whatever field you enter the workforce is very diversified and collaborative. In order to succeed we need to learn to work together and appreciate that diversity. Working on different cultural events together allows you to embrace cultures outside of your own while learning how to work with a diverse body of individuals on a team.
  • What have you learned working as an MPA?
    • There’s a lot that I’ve learned from my colleagues and experience alone this past semester and summer. I think the greatest lesson that I’ve learned is to not be afraid to ask for help. There was a steep learning curve when I first started working at the MC and a lot of gaps in regards to how to create different cultural events. However, asking for help from my peers helped to bridge those gaps. 




Nikki is a junior majoring in Supply Chain Management at UTD and is also the treasurer for the Hallyu Club. She aspires to work in healthcare information technology and logistics after graduating. 


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